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Christopher Hansford entered the World Affairs Program as a freshman in the fall of 2009.

MUN Experience and Awards

  • High School:
    • HarvardMUN 06: Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Bangladesh
    • NSCCMUN 07: General Assembly, Russian Federation, Best Delegate (1st Place)
    • HarvardMUN 07: Economic and Social Council, Federal Republic of Germany, Outstanding Delegate (2nd Place)
    • NSCCMUN 08: Security Council, Russian Federation, Best Delegate (1st Place)
    • HarvardMUN 08: Special Political and Decolonization, Romania, Best Delegate (1st Place)
  • College: FSU WAP 2009-
    • FCMUN '10: Joint Crisis, Drug Enforcement Administration, Raymond Pagliarini (later Jack Bauer) Best Delegate (1st Place)
    • NCSC '10: Joint Crisis, Pakistani Government 1979, Mian Tufal Muhammad, Outstanding Delegate (2nd Place)
    • UCBMUNC '11: Fourth Crusade, Stephen of Bois, Honorable Mention (3rd Place)
    • FCMUN '11: Yalta Conference, Dwight Eisenhower, Best Delegate (1st Place)
    • NCSC '12: Joint Crisis, Ethiopian Government, Minister of Defense, Outstanding Delegate (2nd Place)

Personal Life

  • He speaks German
  • He is the Chairman of the FSU College of Arts and Sciences Student Leadership Council
  • WAP Dads- Ian Grossman and James Hartman.
  • WAP Children - David Gracin and David Marshall
  • WAP Sibling- None to date
  • WAP Best Delegate 2011
  • Assistant Director 2012-2013