Erin Williamson

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Erin is a current member of WAP. She is currently majoring in International Affairs and History. She is set to graduate in spring of '10.

MUN Experience

  • High School: None
  • College: WAP 2006-
    • UCBMUNC 07: Committee on Science, Technology, and Development, Turkey, Outstanding Delegate (2nd Place)
    • NCSC 07: Georgian Cabinet, Speaker of the Parliament Nino Burjanadze, Verbal Commendation
    • SRMUN 07: Team Award- Slovenia, Best Delegation
    • CHOMUN 08: European Union- Denmark, Honorable Delegate (3rd Place)
    • UCBMUNC 09: Taiwan Straits Crisis- Sasae Kinichiro- Japan, Best Delegate (1st place)
    • WorldMUN 09 (The Hague): UN Environment Programme- Sweden, Diplomacy Award

Personal Life

Erin loves Russia, Eastern Europe, and Estonia in particular. She drives a sweet car, an electric-blue Mazda RX-8. She says "We're all friends here!" a lot. Erin also plays cello.