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Current Newsletters

2015 to present

A new newsletter campaign was started in late 2015. Below are links to newsletters sent during this new campaign and a short summary of the contents of each newsletter. The complete archive for this campaign can be accessed here.

2015 Fall: WAP Finds Success (PDF version)

  • 30th Anniversary Banquet announcement
  • Fundraising Campaign Needs Your Help
  • Fall 2015 Conferences Update from the Students
  • 2nd WAP Career Day in DC a Great Success
  • International Volunteering in Tallahassee
  • Interview with Daniel Rossman (‘05, ‘08), now at the Wilderness Society

Prior Newsletter Campaigns

2013 campaign

FSU World Affairs Program Update, Fall 2013

2010: The Program

The WAP alumni association distributed a newsletter called The Program containing information about WAP and its alumni in 2010. Below are links to released editions of The Program and a short summary of the contents of each edition.

The Program, September 2010 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2

Student Spotlight: Sara Dejam

  • Conference Results
  • Banquet Awards

The Program, March 2010 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1