Alex Merkovic

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Alex is a former member of WAP who graduated in 2009.

MUN Experience

  • High School: None to speak of, though he wrought terror through the national Forensics and Debate circuits.
  • College: FSU WAP 2006-
    • UPMUNC 06: Disarmament and International Security, Egypt, Co-Delegated with Ian Grossman, Verbal Commendation (4th Place)
      • It should be noted that Alex nearly died at this conference, contracting several strains of ebola, influenza, and Guatamalan Red Fever. He took enough over-the-counter drugs to sedate a small elephant, and was able to pull out a fourth place finish.
    • McMUN 07: Organization of the Islamic Conference, Russian Federation (observer), Verbal Commendation (3rd Place)
    • WorldMUN 07: United Nations Development Program, China (Diplomacy Award)


Alex is sometimes known as "The Deacon of Love". He also wishes to save the world, one starving African child at a time, through his student organization, Global Humanitarian Volunteers.

Alex is French, but has a British Accent. He was born in Los Angeles, but spent a large portion of his life in France, but learned English from his mother, who was born in Rwanda, but has a British accent as well. Alex's friend Ian has had to repeat this so many times to random girls that he has it memorized.