Carl (C.J.) Nelson

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Carl (C.J.) Nelson, Spring 2006
Carl (C.J.) Nelson (B.A Major International Affairs and Asian Studies, the Florida State University) was the director of WAP from 2006-2007. He led to the team to strong performances at every conference, including a "Best Large Delegation" Award at UCBMUN 07, and three Diplomacy Awards at WorldMUN 07. He passed on Directorship to Adam Kramarow. Nelson was preceded by Daniel Rossman.

MUN Experience

  • High School: None
  • College: FSU WAP 2004-2007


CJ could school pretty much anyone at Halo, or Risk for that matter. Though he seems shy around the ladies, his trademark pickup line of "Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?" rarely fails. CJ is an all-around awesome guy.