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Ian Grossman was the 2009-2010 Director of of the World Affairs Program, he also served as Assistant Director for the 2007-2008 school year. He graduated dual-degreeing in Political Science with a minor in Economics and International Affairs with a minor in religion. Ian is currently an International Affairs Master's student at FSU and has returned to travel and compete the team he has helped lead to victory in the past.

MUN Experience and Awards

  • High School: None
  • College: FSU WAP 2006-
    • NCSC 06: Disarmament and International Security, Hungary, Co-Delegated with Kaarl Brandon
    • UPMUNC 06: Disarmament and International Security, Egypt, Co-Delegated with Alex Merkovic, Verbal Commendation (4th Place)
    • McMUN 07: International Atomic Energy Agency, Russian Federation, Best Delegate (1st Place)
    • UCBMUNC 07: North Atlantic Treaty Organization, United Kingdom, Best Delegate (1st Place)
    • WorldMUN 07: Disarmament and International Security, China
    • NCSC 07: Chinese Politburo, Vice President Zeng Qinghong, Outstanding Delegate (2nd Place)
    • SRMUN 07: International Atomic Energy Agency, Turkey
    • McMUN 08: International Atomic Energy Agency, Germany, Best Delegate (1st Place)
    • ChoMUN 08: Democratic National Committee, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
    • UCBMUNC 08: Hitler's Cabinet, Hermann Göring, Best Delegate (1st Place)
    • WorldMUN 08: Disarmament and International Security, Japan
    • NCSC 08: Spanish Civil War (Nationalists), General Juan Yague- Outstanding Delegate (2nd)
    • SRMUN 08: DISEC, Austria- part of Outstanding Delegation for Austria
    • McMUN 09: Ad-Hoc Committee of French Algeria, 1956, General Jacques Massu, Verbal Commendation (3rd place)
    • UCBMUNC 09: Trojan War, Achaean Council, Diomedes - Best Delegate (1st Place)
    • WorldMUN 09: Camp David Accords, Egyptian delegation, Foreign Minister Mohammed Ibrahim Kamel- Diplomacy Award (1st place)
    • NCSC 09: Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary General, Ian Grossman, Head of Law Enforcement Division - Best Delegate (1st place)
    • UPMUNC '09: Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary General, Republic of Korea - Best Delegate (1st place)
    • UCBMUNC '10: WWII: Pacific Theater- Air Chief Sir Robert Brooke-Popham - Best Delegate (1st Place)
    • ChoMUN '10: Secret Intelligence Service: Z- Director of Counterintelligence- Honorable Delegate (3rd Place)
    • FCMUN '10: Galactic Empire: Darth Vader- Best Delegate, Lord of the Sith (1st Place)
    • NCSC '10: Soviet Cabinet, Invasion of Afghanistan: Yuri Andropov, Director of the KGB

Personal Life

  • His last name is pronounced gRossman, light on the g.
  • Has been in WAP since before WAP was created.
  • Jewish/Atheist
  • Loves emo hair, particularly on himself
  • WAP Dads- Eric DeVries and Adam Kramarow.
  • WAP Sibling- James Hartman
  • WAP Children- Zach Harrison, co-fathered Christopher Hansford with James Hartman