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James was the 2009-2010 Assistant Director of Administrative Affairs for the World Affairs program. He graduated with a degree in Russian and Eastern European Studies and graduated in the Spring of 2010.

MUN Experience

  • High School: James went to a high school in a rather uncivilized area of Florida, which consequently did not approve of "foreign institutions" such as the United Nations.
  • College: FSU World Affairs Program 2006-2010
    • NCSC 06: The Committee on Narcotic Drugs, Iran
    • UPMUNC 06: The General Assembly: Legal Committee, Botswana, Verbal (4th Place)
    • McMUN 07: The Peacebuilding Commission, Russian Federation
    • UCBMUN 07: Organization of the Islamic Conference, Turkey, Outstanding Delegate (2nd Place)
    • NCSC 07: Kurdistan 2017, Ali Abd Al-Aziz Halabji
    • SRMUN 07: GA Plenary, Turkey
    • McMUN 08: SPECPOL, Germany
    • ChoMUN 08: James was forced to drop shortly before the conference due to a personal emergency. He supported the delegation greatly in spirit
    • UCBMUNC 08: 1942 JCC, Lavrenty Beria, Best Delegate (1st Place)
    • FCMUN 10: NKVD Outstanding Delegate, Outstanding Delegate (2nd Place)


James loves Russia, booze and cigarettes almost as much as he loves WAP. One day he will be either a powerful figure in international politics or cubical slave. It's about 50-50 at this point. Current sources close to James, i.e James, indicated that he is looking for employment at the State Department post graduation.