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Jordan is the current Director of the World Affairs Program for the 2010-2011 year. He is a first year graduate student at FSU with a focus on Applied Economics. Jordan is looking to lead the team to another victorious year while managing his first year of graduate school.

MUN Experience

  • High School: Jordan I think did some kind of MUN in high school. Probably.
  • College: FSU World Affairs Program 2007-
    • NCSC 2007: Verbal
    • SRMUN 2007: Delegation Award
    • NCSC 2008: Outstanding
    • SRMUN 2008: Delegation Award
    • MCMUN 2009: Verbal
    • Berkley 2009: Best Country Representation, China
    • FCMUN 2009: Outstanding
    • NCSC 2009: Verbal
    • UPMUNC 2009: Verbal
    • UCBMUNC 2010: Outstanding


Jordan has been named the WAP Director for 2010-2011. The WAP House.