2016 EOYB

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The 2016 End of Year Banquet was WAP's 30th Year Anniversary and it was held on Saturday, April 9, 2016 in Tallahassee, Florida at the University Center Club inside FSU’s Doak Campbell Stadium. The keynote speaker was Robert D. Johnson.

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  • Who present, who spoke, what of importance was said
  • Major donation made by alumni and who donated, including photo
  • awards for Rocket, Shield, Spirit of Program, Sword
  • Add a few photos

Some sample photos below

Left to right: Adam Sloan, Julia Sloan, X, Danielle Hale Hedge, Richard Benson, Eric Reading, James Hartman, Jennifer White, Jordan Raupp, Laney Poye, Robert Johnson, Eric de Vries, Josh Curry
Left to right: Alex Ball, John Maksimik, Rachel Way, Jordan Raupp, Eric de Vries, Danielle Hale Hedge, Josh Curry, Eric Reading, Robert Johnson
Left to right: Eric Reading, Danielle Hale Hedge, Robert Johnson, David Rasmussen, Marie Cowart, Josh Curry, Tim Chapin
Robert Johnson keynote at 2016 EOYB
Left to right: Robert Johnson, Cindy Michelson, Marie Cowart, Tim Chapin
Left to right: Eric Reading, David Rasmussen, Marie Cowart, Josh Curry. Eric and David won the Shield Award in 2016. Marie and Josh are prior winners.