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A Gavel Hunter (GH) is a delegate who uses aggressive and often "cut-throat" tactics to try to win first place in his or her committee.

How to Spot a Gavel Hunter

A GH is often found dead-center of a cluster in UnMod, bossing people around and preventing others from speaking. He/she often is a talented speaker, usually with a forceful, persuasive style that doesn't so much command respect as demands it. They sometimes sponsor far too many resolutions, and are sure to be involved in any piece of legislation circling, even if it's not on policy. In fact, GH's are freqently off-policy, as often the Third-World, out-of-the-way island nation they've been assigned doesn't fit their aggressive style (it's very difficult for St. Kitts and Nevis to have a strong stance on Nuclear Nonproliferation). GH's are also often very friendly, and take great interest in what you have to say. Frequently, this carefully constructed facade is only because they see you as a potential competitor for the Gavel (which, as an FSU delegate, you are), and are being very friendly to find a way to pounce on any show of weakness and exploit you, either by stealing your well-researched ideas or by taking over your group while you're in the restroom.

How to Fight and Stop a Gavel Hunter

Stopping a Gavel Hunter is far more difficult than being one yourself. In a GA-style committee the Gavel Hunter will seek to control their environment, the committee room, the direction of debate, and as large a group of supporters as possible. To fight the Gavel Hunter in this situation there are two difference strategies that should be used, one can be used at any time while the other is situational. Under any circumstances simply being a better Gavel Hunter can secure first place for you and leave your rival Gavel Hunter to settle for second place. Gathering a larger more loyal following is best, and allowing other factions to merge with yours is useful. Many Gavel Hunters can not stand the ideas of others and will reject them simply because they themselves did not come up with them. Use your followers to your advantage, take their best ideas, give them a little public credit (just enough to keep them happy) and use their work to help you along. When your group and your papers are running off the brain power of 12 people (with your direction) rather than the ideas of a single Gavel Hunter. This method with quickly make the Gavel Hunter your rival and enemy. If they are smart they will try to subjugate you and your group, do not allow this to happen. The second method is only in certain situations. When Gavel Hunters suspect that the committee staff is not seeing things their way or the Gavel Hunter thinks they are being opposed by the staff, they will often bitch and complain outside of committee. If they complain to you, AGREE WITH THEM (quietly). Validate their problems, support their depression, and help them get into a self-defeating funk. This might only happen once in your MUN career, but when it happens, you can crush a Gavel Hunter with their own depression.