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IAEA refers to the International Atomic Energy Agency. The structure and nature of this body is up to the individual's research, however, various tactics for success will be discussed here.

What to Expect

IAEA typically features all five P5 nations, though individual experiences may vary. If you're not sure what nations will be represented in your IAEA, check which nations are on the current Board of Governers of the IAEA, as this is usually the model that is followed. As a smaller committee, expect to speak frequently, to get to know everyone in your committee intimately, and to have a great chance for success. However, don't expect an easy time; the nature of the IAEA (frequently dealing with the proliferation of nuclear weapons) leads to very heated debate, and comprimising your country's position is not as possible as it would be in other, more "hippie" committees. Overall, however, a fun committee for those who appreciate a small, security-oriented atmosphere.

Frequent Topics

The IAEA often deals with Nuclear Proliferation, Nuclear Waste, Nuclear Security, Nuclear Medicine, and essentially any other topic of international importance with the word "Nuclear" involved.

Research Tips

The IAEA Website is very handy, and contains a wealth of previous resolutions. Also, for more security-oriented topics, The Nuclear Threat Initiative Webiste is EXTREMELY helpful.

Tactics/Other Helpful Hints