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Idea and Creation of the Initial WAP Lapel Pin Designs

In the Spring of 2003 former WAP Director Joshua D. Curry proposed that then-current WAP Director Danielle E. Hale commission and produce a lapel pin for the WAP End of the Year (2002-2003) Banquet (2003 EOYB). The lapel pin project evolved over the course of March and April of 2003 and finally several designs were produced. The Spring 2003 lapel pin designs are shown below.

Spring 2003 Drafts of the WAP Lapel Pin

WAP Lapel Pin Design as of Spring 2003

The designs were initially drawn by Joshua D. Curry with the assistance of another former WAP Director Austen DiPalma. Allin Michael Hedge, a former Assistant Director, also assisted with making modifications to the designs and with suggesting different versions of the pin. After a great deal of discussion, the group (Curry, DiPalma, Hale, Hedge), with input from other alumni, finally settled a design simlar to Option E due largely to its simplicity.

Preferred WAP Lapel Pin Design as of Spring 2003

(No) Physical Creation of the Pins in 2003

The incoming 2003-2004 Assistant Director Evan Wesser was tasked with finding a manufacturer to physically produce the pins. Wesser obtained a reasonable quote and a time-table from Tallahassee Awards and Engraving without significant delay. The project looked like it was going to be completed in time for distribution of the new WAP lapel pins at the 2003 EOYB. But, as the Spring 2003 semester came to a close, and with the 2003 EOYB just days away, the project was scrapped due largely to time considerations and schedule conflicts. None of the current WAP Officers had the time (given their busy schedules, active extra circular activities, and class concerns) to get the pins produced.

Revival of the WAP Lapel Pin Project in Spring 2005

The project was put on hold until the Spring of 2005. In the early-Spring of 2005, Hale brought the lapel pin project back to life. The goal, again, was to produce a pin by the WAP End of the Year (2004-2005) Banquet. At this time, although details are kind of hazy, Hale and Curry made some modifications to the original designs (see above). James G. Parker, another former WAP Director, suggested that 1986 be added to the pin’s design. The two derivative designs that were produced are displayed below.

Addition of '1986' to the Preferred WAP Lapel Pin Design. This is the currently preferred pin design.

Still No WAP Lapel Pins in 2005

Still, the pin was not produced for the 2005 EOYB. Though the details are not exactly clear, it is assumed that the pin project was shelved again because of timing concerns and schedule conflicts.

Current State of the WAP Lapel Pin Project

All of the design files needed to produce a WAP lapel pin exist and all that is needed to bring the project to fruition is for a WAP Officer to follow through on getting the pins physically produced. At current, however, there is no indication when, if ever, the pins will be produced. As of June, 2010 another effort was launched to get the pins produced using the original design concepts.