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What is the WapWiki All About?

The WapWiki is a resource for use by former, current, and future WAP members to compile information about the history of the FSU World Affairs Program, guides to Model UN and Crisis Simulation debate, and MUN and crisis debate tactics. The information initially presented on the WapWiki has been developed by WAP Officers and others over the past few years.

If you want to contribute to WapWiki, create an account here. Unfortunately we have been forced to disable the ability to edit WapWiki pages without an account and the ability for new users to new create their own accounts without administrator approval because of SPAM problems. However, we still very much welcome edits to WapWiki and will gladly create an account for you upon request. Create an account here.

The WapWiki is also a good place to post news or results from conferences, information about past, present, or future trips, details on events that WAP is hosting or has hosted, an archive of WAP's alumni newsletter -- The Program, a Brief History of WAP, and of course your own stories about WAP (this can include personal stories, stories about trips, stories about WAP-experiences, etc.). The purpose of the WapWiki is to allow you to document WAP history for future readers to enjoy.

Once the WapWiki gets going it can be added-to, updated, modified, rolled-back, and otherwise changed all without WAP members having to rely on a single editor. It's also a good idea to preserve somethings for future WAPers. So much of our history has been lost because no one bothered to write it down. Also, there is a large community of WAP alumni that would most likely be more involved with WAP if they had the chance.

Editing a wiki is easy. First, click here to create an account if you don't have one. Second, login and click on the edit link to start making changes or you can add your own pages by typing "" into the address line of your web browser. If you need help, consult the MediaWiki guide to editing.

Articles That Need Edits or Expansion

How can you help expand the WAP Wiki? The articles below have been identified as needing edits or expansion. Please edit one of these pages to help grow the WAP Wiki. For example, you could add text or images to make the article better.

If you are reading an article that you think needs to be edited or expanded, tag it by adding the text "{{Needs Edits}}" to the top of the article. Articles tagged with the text "{{Needs Edits}}" (i.e., Category:Needs Edits) will be included on the list above automatically.

Pages of Interest

An Example to Get Us Going

There really is no end to the type of information and resources that can be developed here. For example, did you know that WAP was going to create a WAP lapel pin for its members? You can read all about it here.

Where to go From Here?

Well, that's really up to you (the people who will be making this site). The WapWiki is ready and waiting for you to add the content that future generations will love to read (really, your kids might be reading this when they start at FSU and join WAP; isn't that scary?).

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.